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Hope LoveJoy (David Hopkins)

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Facebook Link

(joined 2009 - 14K followers, over 1200 recorded live videos since 2016)

TikTok 1 Link

(joined 01/2021 - 241K followers, over 1000 videos deleted by Tiktok, 1.5m likes, over 40mil views)

TikTok 2 Link

(backup account if I lose the Tiktok 1 account)

Youtube Channel Link

ANSWERS is the name and it has hundreds of videos I have for you, including 9 key frequencies that I created myself

Website Link -

FREE Informational website launched 08/01/2016 with over 6000 members in over 48 countries, including over 4800 students of the FREE 9 WEEK ONLINE CHAKRA COURSE - the only one of its kind that has everything you need at the click of a button to transform your life in less than an hour per day, in as short as 9 weeks.

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