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Content Creators

Dear censored, shadow banned and blocked Content Creators, who keep getting your videos removed, your content taken down and your accounts disabled or blocked. There is HOPE!!!

You and I both know the amount of censoring that is going on across social media For anyone trying to share the truth about what is happening on the planet, in your country, in your neighborhood, in your schools and in your homes, we are being silenced and filtered by our governments and the ones behind the curtains... Most of you know who they are.

Shasta's HOPE is committed to getting all of us together to continue to be able to spread our collective message.

And, NOT allow them to take away our Freedom of Speech and to live Free.

We are proposing unity between Shasta's HOPE and content creators from across all platforms who share the message of Unity and changing our world.

We have a very simple method of getting past most of the algorithms (the AI programs that are doing all of this to us) on each platform that we want to share with all of you and get your help in saving as many as we can from the crap that is happening all over the planet.

We propose to give as many content creators as we can fit, who share the mission of Helping Other People Everywhere, a FREE page on our community site that will list your bio with a picture, a summary of your content as well as links to everyone one of your other websites or platforms where anyone can see you.

We propose promoting you for FREE to all of the combined following of ALL content creators associated in loving unity with Shasta's HOPE, in multiple ways, the least of which is by adding your name and Shasta's HOPE bio link to the bi-weekly eNewsletter we are going to begin emailing out very soon to our growing FREE members list.

If you would like to exponentially increase your reach to as many followers as all of you have TOGETHER, share your message across multiple platforms which are all listed on one FREE community social media website platform, you want to Help save the Children, all of Humanity and all life on this planet, by continuing to break through the censorship of social media, please fill out the form below.

If you CLICK HERE, you will see the template or you can navigate to the HOPEUnited page in the menu to see the profile pages we have so far.

Thank you

Shasta's HOPE

Content Creators Unite
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Thank you for submitting your information for review. You will be hearing from us soon.

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