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Hope LoveJoy (David Hopkins)

I have spent my life spreading HOPE to all around. Having been a teacher of many professional trades, five time business owner and personal life coaching since my early 20's, my mission has always been Helping Our Planet Evolve by Helping Other People Everywhere.

I am a single father of a 19 autistic son, having raised my other two boys to adulthood. I live off grid in the forests of the foothills of Mount Shasta, helping my son, my community (on and offline) and you.

By following the links below, you will see that I believe in speaking the truth about what is happening on the planet, but more importantly. HOW TO STOP IT

My content consists of FREE training on a plethora of subjects including but not limited to; How to transform your life, how to unite neighborhoods, how to help homeless, how to start your own business, chakras, as well as so many more.

Facebook Link

(joined 2009 - 14K followers, over 1200 recorded live videos since 2016)

TikTok 1 Link

(joined 01/2021 - 241K followers, over 1000 videos deleted by Tiktok, 1.5m likes, over 40mil views)

TikTok 2 Link

(backup account if I lose the Tiktok 1 account)

Youtube Channel Link

ANSWERS is the name and it has hundreds of videos I have for you, including 9 key frequencies that I created myself

Website Link -

FREE Informational website launched 08/01/2016 with over 6000 members in over 48 countries, including over 4800 students of the FREE 9 WEEK ONLINE CHAKRA COURSE - the only one of its kind that has everything you need at the click of a button to transform your life in less than an hour per day, in as short as 9 weeks.

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