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Remember the days when you would take these cute little weeds that grew everywhere, and still do, and place them under you chin to see your skin turn yellow?

Bet you didn't know these flowering weeds that seem to keep coming back year after year in your yard, or the park down the street, could do this?

  • ​Provides antioxidants

  • Reduces cholesteral

  • Regulates blood sugar

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Aids in weight loss

  • Reduces cancer risk

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Aids in digestion

  • Keeps skin healthy

Be sure you don't just go pick any dandelions from the park or around the neighborhood, as they may have been sprayed with weed killer or pesticides. It is best to use dandelions that have been grown by you or someone else specifically for this purpose.

Holistic Usages



Dandelion root can be made into a tea by infusing the roots into hot water and adding additional ingredients to taste.

The benefit of this type of usage is you are ingesting the healing properties into your body through your digestive ability


Dandelion is one of the ingredients found in many salves due to all of its healing properties, only some of which, are listed above. Combined with the right harmony of other ingredients such as Plantain and Coconut Oil, as the Shasta's HOPE Topical Salves are, the dandelion root will absorb through the skin, providing all of its benefits to your body.

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