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Available Discounts

If you wish to give us a little more information about your current life situation, we want to extend as many discounts to you, for your healing, as possible.


Shasta's HOPE Topical Salve although priced perfectly for all of the benefits it offers, costing much less than most pharmaceutical over the counter drugs, may be out of reach to some people due to the cost. We aren't here to make big profits. We are here to get this amazing salve to as many who need it, as possible.


If you give us a little more information about yourself, we will see what discounts we can extend to you, to lower the cost of the Shasta's HOPE Topical Salves to more fit your budget/situation.

You will be receiving an email within a week with any other available discount codes.

Discount Form
Current Life Situation (check all that apply)

Thank you for your submission. Please check your email within a week for extra discounts

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