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Don't Lose HOPE

This form below is so we don't lose contact and to find out what kind of help you need.


How can Shasta's HOPE try to bring hope to your home, your neighborhood, your city, your country.


We are in no way making claims that we have the means to assist you if you are in financial strain, or if you are going through a very bad time with your family life, or if you are experiencing so many of the other horrific stories that we have heard about, from so many others over the years of Helping Other People Everywhere.


However, we are committing to gathering the stories of those who are in need of HOPE to S.H.A.R.E. with others who are ALSO looking for HOPE but don't know...


There are others out there who are experiencing the same hell you are.


There are ALSO others out there, who have made it through what you are going through. They are the ones we will reach out to, to help all of you, who haven't, yet.



And neither is Shasta's HOPE. We may not have the answer you seek, but we do have an ever growing knowledge and member base with the addition of many people around the planet who may have the answer to the situation you find yourself in.

Please feel free to reach out, for HOPE below.


Shasta's HOPE

Looking for HOPE

Thank you for taking the first step in finding help. Someone will be with you soon.

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