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"You've made the choice"

"What you do, speaks so much louder than what you say" ~ Charles Hopkins I (R.I.P. 7/11/1996)

My name is Hope. My given name was David Hopkins (pronounced Hope-kins, with a long O).


I have spent the last 5 years, changing my life, healing, completely transforming my entire being, by doing these 6 Keys to Transformation.


The teaching below is a follow-up to Step 2 - Stop Eating Crap.


When I finished my transformation, I decided to take the name of the thing everyone said I brought to their lives.


From 2017 to 2020, by doing the steps above and by taking upon the tenets below, I went from 320lbs to 170lbs, from size 54 waist to size 34 waist and becoming healthier than I've ever been in my entire life.


I am now 51 and for the past 2 years, have not only kept the weight off, but have done it with relative ease, due to these 6 Keys To Transformation, I developed into an easy to follow system, that I am giving to you, for FREE

The Ultimate Tip to making this very easy to follow method for taking control of your life and becoming the person you've always wanted to be, is to give yourself time. One of the main reasons any life altering "die(t)" is that we always want instant results and most often this leads to failure because it takes a while to "see" the results of your efforts. The Key to making this method work, is giving yourself time to Succeed. I recommend giving yourself 3 full years to completely change the habits that it took your life to learn.

STEP 2-4 - Stop Eating, Listening to, Speaking and Thinking Crap

"You are what you Think"

Eating right, it is only half the work...


Change your food (Energy)

Change your thoughts (Frequency)

Speak your intention (Vibration)


If you change your food, that is only a tiny part of the step. Yes, it will eventually fix up your body, which Will begin to fix your mind, but look at what it has to fight through..


"Oh God! Asparagus!?!"

"I don't like onions!"

"That's rabbit food"

"Well at least it's healthy"

"You have to eat what on your diet?"


Or you, as you're looking down at that salad one more time.... "Do I have to?"

You may as well be eating out of a dump with how you just transformed that poor food before it got into your body. 


EVERYTHING is Energy. 

Energy is transformed by frequency. 


So imagine all of the negative thoughts this food has to get through inside of your mind (you don't even need to speak it, subconscious programming is as powerful if not more than conscious thought) to do its work on your already programmed body.



An easy fix is this. Balance. Get your mind and body which will affect your spirit, working on the same page.


Begin reprogramming your mind FIRST (The Connection between Ether and Earth) while you're fixing your body and watch the two of them work in a perfect partnership to change your life.

6 Key Revelations to Healthy Living

Revelation 1. You Don't Have to Eat It !!!

Amazingly enough, when you see the powerful healing properties and the incredible things, all of your favorite foods do, you won't feel so guilty when you tell people you don't like avocados... Go figure. 


Revelation 2. You Are Already On The Path

​When you look up all of the amazing health benefits of everything you put in your body right now. That alone will show you, you made the right choice in making today the day you take back your life and health. DO NOT look up the harmful effects of ANYTHING you put in your body. If you know it's bad, stop doing it.


Don't Program your mind anymore with crap.

2255085bebc848e3b4f5b72095826090 (1).jpg

Revelation 3. Don't Fall Off The Path

​Keep the benefits of your food in eyesight or within reach. This way when you or anyone else (which is one of the number one reasons people stop - ridicule) question your decision, you have it right there to take your hand and lead you back onto the path of your best decision.

download (14).jpeg

Revelation 4. Speak Life

Program your food and mind. Grab the benefits above or from what you've researched as you're preparing your food and recite them aloud. Fill the air and everything around in the frequency of what these amazing plants do. It is just like saying affirmations to yourself in the mirror. 

Revelation 5. But Maybe You Should Eat It

​​No, all by itself, I'm not very fond of avocado. And by itself, I may not eat it. NOPE 😜😜😜


However, I have found through years of changing the way I eat, trying different combinations of ingredients and different healthy dishes already prepared for me by kind hosts (hey I'm not rude yo ;)), as long as it wouldn't contain an allergy item, sometimes... That avocado ain't too shabby....

Plus, have you seen all of the healing benefits of the foods that you eat, every day.


Revelation 6. You Got This!!!

One of the reasons people stop doing what is necessary (you never fail), is you're TOO DAMN HARD ON YOURSELF!!!


Knock that shit off! Stop beating yourself up. It took me my whole life to finally get it and now I am sharing it with you. As long as there is breath in your body there is another moment to make the decision...


  • If you fall down, get up. 

  • If you mess up today, don't tomorrow. 

  • If people laugh, save your smile for 3 years from now.

  • Stop rushing, give yourself time to adjust. 

  • You are an immortal being having a human experience. 

  • You have time. 

  • Not much if you don't, so get to it... Ok?

Article by:

Hope LoveJoy

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