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Fruit Stand

HOPE HARVEST - Do unto others…


Go to the local homeless shelter and food bank and tell them about YOUR idea on how to help them as well as local Farmer’s Markets


With the backing of the shelter, send some of the homeless (who don’t want to be and who are working with a program) folks to your neighborhood with pens, paper, rulers and a clipboard


Have the homeless walk the neighborhoods knocking on doors and doing the following:

  • Get a count of how many homeowners in yours and surrounding neighborhoods have fruit trees and vegetable gardens

  • Of those fruit trees and gardens, find out from the owner how much of that is used or goes to waste or is given away each time the trees are ripe

Here is the plan...

In exchange for the fresh fruit or vegetables that usually goes to waste, the homeless shelter will trade the following:

  • Some homeless people who are working with the shelter will be taught how to landscape, to harvest fruit and vegetables and to help clean up the neighborhood by the local homeowners and renters


How does this benefit the homeless?

  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables

  • Fed while they work

  • Tips (50% to be given to the shelter so they can fix it up)

  • Work Experience doing something meaningful

  • Sense of Pride in themselves and for doing a good job

  • An overabundance of food to help the people in the shelter, as well as the food banks and the farmer’s markets in the area


How does this benefit the neighborhood?

  • You have a neighborhood sense of pride for bringing HOPE to others

  • You have a neighborhood clean from garbage and unkempt lawns

  • You no longer have rotting fruit on your sidewalks and in your backyards

  • You have a neighborhood that will be on the news as filled with humanitarians which will increase the property value and appeal of the neighborhood for good people

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