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"Stop & Go"

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to completely transform your life? Well, we are here to show you it is Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience once you know and follow the proper steps.

Here are the 6 easy steps to completely transform your body, mind and spirit.

Healthy at any age

The Ultimate Tip to making this very easy to follow method for taking control of your life and becoming the person you've always wanted to be, is to give yourself time. One of the main reasons any life altering "die(t)" is that we always want instant results and most often this leads to failure because it takes a while to "see" the results of your efforts. The Key to making this method work, is giving yourself time to Succeed. I recommend giving yourself 3 full years to completely change the habits that it took your life to learn.


How many unhealthy drinks or pre-processed drinks have you consumed throughout your lifetime? Sodas, energy drinks, sweetened "fruit" juices, coffee, all have additives and "extra" ingredients in them that are NOT GOOD for your body.


We all know there are too many unhealthy ingredients contained within soda, energy drinks and so called fruit juices to list in one place. However, some of the most harmful of these, which most of us consume everyday is:

Caffeine - increases anxiety responses, very low crash, causes heart rate increase, etc.

Sugar or Sweeteners - high fructose corn syrup, aspartame

Phosphoric Acid - lowers bone density

just to name a few


THE SOLUTION - "Bags of mostly water"

Scientific studies have shown that your body consists of 60 to 80+ % water. This means that most of your entire body, is made of water. Your brain is approx 74% water. Your heart approximately 84% water and so on.

Many other studies have been done in the scientific community that validates your entire cellular structure, which again, is mostly water, recycles every 3 to 7 years. This means that every 3 to 7 years, you become a NEW PERSON. Everything that you were , is gone and replaced with WHATEVER you put in your body.

SUPER TIP: Take the next 3 years to re-train yourself to drink ONLY WATER. If you currently drink 98% unhealthy and 2% water, then use this next few years to transform that, slowly at first, if needed to 98% water and 2% unhealthy.

You will be amazed at the results. Also, if your body is 80% or more water, you need to re-train your body to take in 80% of what you "consume" as water. This will cleanse your body of all impurities while at the same time will change your metabolism, rehydrate your organs and skin and create a new health in you, that you haven't seen before.

You will also notice that if your reason for drinking caffeinated drinks was to get extra energy, you will have more "steady" energy, now that you've replaced caffeine with the main energy source your body is created from.


Water is also an energy conductor. Since you are mostly water, you mostly conduct energy. Water is also transformed by various methods as well as being shown to "hold memory", by many scientific research studies.

You will learn more about taking advantage of the water in your body, in Step 3


No MORE fast food!!! It isn't meat anyway PEOPLE! Genetically modified organisms, Monsanto, cloning, fillers, unnatural ingredients I cant read... For too many years to state here logically people have been programmed to "prepare in 15 min or less" due to the programming of "busy, busy, busy" lives. This has desensitized society to the crap (preservatives and what then hell is that?) that We have allowed in our foods... This is harming people. 


THE SOLUTION - "Home Cooking"

Begin cooking meals (not can or pre-prepared or boxed) at home. If you must buy your food from a regular grocery store and can't afford the way over priced (don't believe labels) "organic" food, then buy what you need.

Research all of the amazing studies on how to purify food with frequency, light, cleaning it properly with water, clearing energy and setting new intentions of gratefulness. Make sure the foods you buy are working with your various energy centers. If you have a heart issue, look up foods that help the heart. Brain, broccoli, etc. Different colors will also work with different chakras. Red (beets, strawberries, etc.) Root, Orange (oranges, mangos, carrots, etc.) Sacral, and so on. When you clear your energy and body of impure food and replace it will fully charged and healing foods... then your body will comply to the new programming.

SUPER TIP: Take the next three years to change your habit from eating 90% junk / 10% healthy to 90% healthy / 10% junk and you will be blown away by the difference in your body, your energy and overall health, just by changing these two things in your life.



Most Music has been programmed to cause stress or some kind of emotional response for too many years to sound logical, so I will leave that part out. If you listen to the radio in any form unless you created the playlist and most times even when you do, you will hear happy then sad then angry then funny then sad then take back my power. All while programming you to drink, party, cheat, blow your money, YOLO, shoot people, be racist, segregate, Don't fear the Reaper, and so much more that you may not have been aware that it has been like this since music came out on that old, antique, dusty radio you have from your great grandma's day.


Most music created and played now a days is meant to keep you sick and your mind and body under some kind of stress.  Also, all sound that you hear, registers and is stored in your subconscious mind. All negativity, anger, rage, sorrowful words or sounds, stay with you and are programming that water within you.


The Solution - "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"


Change your music to something beautiful. Research 432hz natural music frequency of the planet and the universe we live in. Find music that makes you feel relaxed and at peace. When your body is in a relaxed state such as sleeping, it will begin its healing process. 

nature sounds.jpg



Fact: Light is where most of the information stored in your brain comes from. For too many years to say here logically, society has been programmed to "See" things that upset them, make them sad, "oh I can relate", "Poor Old Yeller". Things that make you angry, empowered (the wrong way), etc. When your brain is constantly distracted by a constant flow of input, designed to make your brain go, go, go, it doesn’t have the time or necessary input required to heal itself. 


Enjoying Sunlight

EVERYTHING that happens in your body in one way or another, either consciously or subconsciously, is controlled by your brain which is controlled by the input it receives. 

How many times have you "looked" at something you didn't want to do (work, hiking, grocery shopping, getting the kids ready for school for the 300th time in a row) and it made the experience have an opposite effect on you, than it should. That partially comes from our need for new experiences and partially from us allowing others or ourselves, through too much repetition and losing our original feelings about something, to dampen our current experience now.


The Solution - Begin researching LIGHT and all of its miracles and change what you see. Watch nature shows if necessary. Go out into the Sun and allow it to bathe your body and mind in its healing information. Research the different effects different lights have when you are enveloped in it like a warm healing red and yellow blanket your mother "Earth" (Red - Root chakra - strength and connection to human body, Yellow - Solar Plexus chakra - Health) put you in. 

Change your out"look" on life, to one of wonder, once again and begin to "see" the difference in the world around you.



Too many scientists and scientific genres such as Quantum theory, physics and mechanics states and has proven through decades of research that our bodies respond to how we THINK. For too many years to state here logically, the entire world has been programmed to think a certain way. "Side effects include..." When it comes to how to heal our body.

The Solution - Begin researching all of the phenomenal facts about how MUCH your thoughts and your mind affect your body and you will know instantly that "IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE STINKIN THINKIN". Research conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.  


99.99% of your bodily functions are done at the subconscious level. When you reprogram your subconscious mind, your body will follow suit. Clean the water (thoughts) in your bucket (mind). You will immediately feel and therefore know the effects when you laugh at all of the GRATEFUL moments of your life still to come vs continually thinking about how sick you are. 

Happy Girl

Step 6. MOVE 


"Take this...", "Drink that...".  


MOVE your body. Even if you can ONLY do so in your mind (please refer to #5).  


For too many years to state here logically society has been programmed to be too damn comfortable. With one goal in mind. (Wall-E). Take back your life and move. Get some kind of exercise going in your life. You don't need to go all out and get buffed or ripped. But you NEED to move. When you move, it tells your cells that they are required so it will get them working they way they need to.  


The Solution - Please research what your body truly is. Skin, eyes, hair, organs. Cells. Atomic structure. DNA. Quantum energy. Mitosis. Chakras. Energy Vibration and Frequency. Sacred geometry. DNA that consists of all living and non living organisms and elements of our planet and beyond. A conglomeration of electromagnetic energy being held together by your subconscious mind. Please refer to #5. 


Learn what your body is, what it can do (Wim Hof as one example of unlocking the unlimited potential of your body) and Ultimately... 



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