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Whether you are homeless yourself or know someone who is, if you follow this step by step system, you or they will eat and get enough for shelter within a day of doing this.

  • Find a container - bucket or bag

  • Fill the container with palm sized river or other kinds of rocks with semi flat surfaces

  • Go to a local discount store such as; Thrift store, DollarTree, DollarGeneral or the like

  • Borrow* enough to get $3 to buy some color magic markers

    • *You will be able to pay it back when you’re done

  • Sit on the side of the road and begin to draw the word HOPE and some pretty flowers and rainbows and clouds on the rocks

  • Color the word HOPE and the other pictures on the rocks with the colorful markers

  • Go get a large piece of cardboard

  • Write the following on the cardboard


  • Find a corner and instead of begging money for food and shelter, sell HOPE ROCKS!


*Special Note: Go into the gas station you normally beg money in front of and make a bargain with them

  • “If you keep the police off of me and allow me to sell my HOPE ROCKS in front of your store, I will give you 10% of everything I take in”


  • Everyone who walks by will see a person who wants to earn the money that you want to give them anyway, to help them out

  • The homeless will have a sense of pride that they are earning their money

  • They will eat that day and if they do each step, stay in a bed that night

  • Everyone who sees you with a HOPE rock will ask where you got it and you’ll be able to tell them with a sense of pride, how you helped a homeless person, who believes in helping themselves vs begging for money

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