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"A Hand-up, not a Hand-out"


HOPE TOTES - A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Now that you have united all of your neighbors in one area, you can talk to them about your idea of helping local businesses, stay in business. If all of you, in your neighborhood would figure out days that you all go shopping for items and what main things you buy at what stores, you could begin looking for local (not a big box store) "mom and pop" family owned businesses that may be struggling and that sell the same items you purchase elsewhere.


If you and your neighbors would purchase from them, it may help them stay in business.

After you do this and start frequenting the local businesses, getting to know them by name (remember the old days), you have a wonderful talk to them about YOUR Awesome idea called




“For a sponsor of $27 to $30, we can get a little backpack “tote” put together by people in our community/neighborhood that we hand out to help the homeless who are currently living on the street and give them information about the local programs they have available to them, in hopes of getting them off the streets and into a better situation. While we hand out the HOPE TOTES, we also speak to them about HOPE ROCKS (previous page), so that they can continue to eat and have the basic necessities of life and possibly get enough money together on their own, for a roof over their head.” 


The HOPE TOTES contain 24-27 discount store $1 or less items meant to help a homeless person have some of the basic survival necessity items such as;

  • Toiletries

    • toothbrush*

    • fluoride free toothpaste

    • dental floss*

    • washcloth (exfoliating cloth)

    • shaving cream (womens and mens)

    • razor*

    • shampoo

    • conditioner

    • soap*

    • aluminum free deodorant

    • toilet paper*

    • comb*

  • Plastic bags*

  • Pen*

  • Paper/Notepad*

  • First aid kit

    • bandages

    • alcohol wipes

  • Triple Antibiotic ointment

  • Manicure kit

  • Socks

  • Gloves

  • Rain Poncho

  • Hand Warmers*

  • Cough Drops*

  • Butterscotch*

  • Sewing Kit*

  • Plasticware*

  • Food - Three meals (One day)

All of these items fit inside of a small backpack, bag or satchel that you can usually find at any grocery store, discount store or market for a dollar or less.

*All of these items can be purchased in multi-packs such as 2 or more for one dollar to assist with the cost of each of the HOPE TOTES and keeping all of those items above to a total cost of $27 to $30 at the most.

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