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Love Thy Neighbor

(How to unite your Neighborhood)
“Rock Soup”

Grilling Sausages

This easy to follow, simple training that can be duplicated ANYWHERE in the world by everyday people, like us, will give you the 6 Steps to Uniting millions of people around the world in as little as 3 months.


By doing these Simple 6 steps, you will bring about the following:

  • Get to know your neighbors

  • Get together a list of people who have skills required in the near future

  • Find out who is friendly

  • Find out which of your neighbors needs help

  • Find out which of your neighbors wants to help

  • Find out which of your neighbors have fruit trees and vegetable gardens go to waste

  • Community Gardens

  • Helping ALL of the Children, Homeless, Elderly, Veterans, Disabled and lost people in your area by doing the following:

  • Working with local non profit organizations such as but not limited to; homeless shelters, food banks, farmers markets, veterans and elderly shelters and complexes, to name a few

  • Helping small, family owned, local businesses around your area

  • Helping to revitalize your neighborhood, your area, your city, your county, your state, your province, your country

pen and paper.jpg

Step One - Your Tools

  • Pen

  • Stack of Paper

  • Ruler

  • Clipboard


Step Two - Preparation

With the ruler and pen, turn your paper landscape (on its side so the length is from left to right) and then draw 5 columns, but leave room for 6


At the top of each column write the following headers and separate them by lines (that’s what the ruler is for):

Name        Address    Phone        Email        Yes/No/?

Grab a calendar and pick a date on a weekend 4 weeks out from today

knock on door.jpg

Step Three - The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do - Get out of your Comfort Zone

“What you do, speaks so much louder than what you say”

  • Open your front door with clipboard, date and pen in hand

  • Walk out of your front door

  • Walk to the end of your driveway

  • Turn left or right and go to the nearest neighbors house

  • Write down their address on one of the rows on your paper

  • Walk up their driveway

  • Knock on your neighbors door

  • If your neighbor is not home, make note of the time/date and walk to the next door

If your neighbor is home and answers the door, say this:

“Hi there neighbor, I live (insert your location here such as; “next door”, “up the street”, “a couple blocks that way”, “in the neighborhood”). My family and I are planning a BBQ Potluck in 4 weeks on the weekend (on this date) and we’d like to invite you and your family to it”  (insert your own verbiage if you don’t like Hi there neighbor)

“Would you like to come?”

  • When they give their answer of “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t know”, place it in column 5

  • If they say No - notate their address

  • If they say Yes or Maybe - ask for their name, and if you can get their phone number and email to send any updates on the BBQ Potluck to be held in 4 weeks that you and your family are having that you’d like to invite them and their family to.

  • Walk to the nearest 99 doors surrounding your home, around your neighborhood and repeat the above STEP 3

  • 99 doors can be knocked on in 3 to 5 days

    • 33 doors per day = 3 days per week of physical activity and cardio work

    • 25 doors per day = 4 days per week of physical activity and cardio work

    • 20 doors per day = 5 days per week of physical activity and cardio work

walking the neighborhood.jpg

Step Four - Do it all Again!

You have set the date for your family BBQ / Potluck for 4 weeks after Step 3

This gives you 2 more weeks of walking around your neighborhood 

This is a perfect time to get out with your family, do some cardio, enjoy the sunshine and build relationships.

Week 2:

  • With your pen and ruler, draw your 6th column on the paper you used

  • The 6th column will be titled (RSVP, # coming, Dish)

  • Repeat your route that you did to knock on doors and invite your neighbors to your family BBQ / Potluck

  • If people weren’t home in Week 1, look in your notes and see what time you went to their home

  • Pick a different time and you may get them at home

  • You are to go back to the homes you’ve already been to

  • Remind them about your Family BBQ / Potluck (using that verbiage is key - it means it is family oriented to keep the alcohol away and to let them know that they are to bring their own food, if possible)

  • Ask them if they are going to be able to make it, get a headcount and a possible dish they will be bringing


*SPECIAL NOTE - Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself - This and the following week is where you may find out that your neighbor doesn’t have any food to bring. This also means they may not have enough to get by until the next day.

This is your opportunity to Practice what you Preach


  • Go to all of the homes on your route, in your neighborhood


*SPECIAL NOTE - when you came around the first week, the people were surprised. If you repeat this weekly, they will know you’re serious and a different type of person. A person who is consistent.


Week 3:

  • Repeat Week 2

  • Plan for the BBQ / Potluck

    • What dish are you going to bring?

    • What games do you have?

      • Frisbee

      • Horseshoes

      • Ring Toss

      • Lawn Darts

      • Volleyball

      • Badmitten


Children Playing in Park

Step Five - HAVE FUN - Rock Soup - Blow your Neighbors Minds - Save Your City

On the day of the BBQ / Potluck - Have Fun


*SPECIAL NOTE: I wouldn’t allow alcohol due to unforeseen issues that may arise


During the BBQ:

  • Find out what people do for a living - people love small talk

  • Stay away from Religion and Politics

  • Be interested in them and their story

  • Find out who’s working and who’s not - this will tell you who needs help


*SPECIAL NOTE - During the BBQ - right after halfway mark of being there but before people start leaving - get up on the picnic table or get everyone’s attention. Thank them for coming to your FIRST Monthly Family BBQ / Potluck that you are going to have every month from now on


Then tell them about YOUR incredible ideas for how to:

  • Clean up your entire neighborhood

  • Make sure everyone in your neighborhood has enough food

  • Help the homeowners who own fruit trees and vegetable gardens so no produce goes to waste

  • Feed many families

  • Create and manage a community garden to protect themselves from a food shortage

  • Help the Homeless in your neighborhood

  • Help the local Homeless shelter in your community

  • Help the local Food bank

  • Help to either create or revitalize the local Farmer’s Market

Image by Matt Collamer
Food Market Crowd
Cleaning Nature
Friends at Barbeque

Step 6 - THANK YOU


Thank everyone for coming

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 the next month


  • If you knock on 99 doors - you will get at least 15 families who will show up to the BBQ / Potluck

  • If those 15 go out the next month and get 15 more for the next month Family BBQ / Potluck, that will go from 15 to 255 families in two months.​​

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