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Shasta's HOPE FREE Newsletter - sign-up

Shasta's HOPE is going to begin sending out a bi-weekly newsletter to everyone who signs up on this form, starting Saturday May 14, 2022.

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Thanks for signing up for the Newsletter. Please read on for more wonderful benefits

The newsletter sent out by Shasta's HOPE is going to be filled with important information on 6 different topics for each issue. This includes but isn't limited to giving the "how to.." on a plethora of many easy to do 6 step methods such as;

  1. coming together as a community in your very own neighborhood

  2. the benefits of using what nature has given us to survive, heal and thrive

  3. transforming your body, mind and spirit in three years or less

  4. survival advice

  5. gardening tips

  6. resources for more education

Also, as a thank you for signing up for the FREE Newsletter, you will receive a $3 OFF coupon code, in the email provided to us, toward your first purchase of any salve(s) in the Shasta's HOPE Topical Salve collection.


This coupon will work with other coupons, not to exceed a maximum of 60 percent off each salve.

After signing up for the newsletter, to assist your healing and growth, you will be given the option of applying for more salve coupons and/or large discounts, by completing more information in the Available Discounts form area, to let us know about those in our growing community so we can better see, how to assist you.

Until we have the form up, please send your info with subject line "Newsletter sign-up" to:

Thank you

Shasta's HOPE

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