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Body 1 Salve is a De'Light-ful blend, using only 9 ingredients to create a perfect formula for healing, that smells as Delightful as the name suggests.

When you're healing your body from all the pains that this earthly body can add up, in a lifetime, you need a little Mother Gaia TLC. This blend of all natural, organically sourced plants is formulated to provide relief to your body by aiming directly at the number one cause, inflammation, to allow your mind and spirit to flourish and heal.


You will know you made the right choice from the moment you smell the aromatic blend of ingredients (some of which are sourced directly here, at Mount Shasta) to when you finally rub it on.


All ingredients are all natural and organically sourced


Shasta's HOPE Salve Body I contains: coconut oil, beeswax (infused with honey - local to Mount Shasta), plantain, usnea, comfrey, elderberry (local to Shasta), dandelion root and calendula

Shasta's HOPE Salve - Body I - De'Light-ful - 2oz (60ml)

SKU: shsb002
$42.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
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