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The Bucket
"How to transform your water"

​Everyone says to “manifest” positive. Stop thinking negatively. What does this mean and how do we do this. What it means is simple, how to do it, so much more challenging. I hope this helps in some way to get you to visualize how. Remember when reading this below, we are made up of mostly water. You could almost say we are just water sitting in a Bucket.   



Picture in your mind’s eye, a Crystal Clear Bucket. In this crystal clear bucket is extremely muddy water. It's so muddy that it's thick with mud. This contains all of the negative thoughts that exist in your mind and heart right now. From the beginning of your memory. This is the muddy water that has been collecting from everything heard, felt, seen and experienced throughout your life.   

But Today is a New Day.  

Today you take control of your life, mind, your heart and your soul.  In your hands, in your control, you are holding a crystal clear water hose. This hose is attached magically to one of the most clear rivers ever . The water that comes from this river is so pure that to drink it is to be completely healed instantly. However, the hose has an attachment on it that only lets out a little bit, sometimes just a drop of water at a time. The thing that activates the hose are "positive" thoughts, emotions, experiences and actions. Every time you do something, say something, think something and experience something positive water, goes from the hose into the bucket.  

water hose.jpg

Sometimes a drop at a time, sometimes a little flow.   

On the other side of the bucket, you see another hose hovering over the bucket. This hose is black, misshapen, ugly and is attached to a very dirty mud pit. You can’t see the pit but you know it’s there. This hose has the same kind of attachment on it and is activated by negative words, thoughts, experiences and emotions. Every time you experience something bad and let it affect your thoughts and emotions or words. Every time you think something bad about yourself or say something bad about yourself or hear or experience something bad. Every time you project negativity toward someone, something or yourself. If any of those things happen, it will activate this hose and will put mud into the crystal clear bucket.    

Your goal and mission is to keep this muddy hose from turning on and to fill up the bucket with only clean water. Sometimes only a drop or two will come from your crystal hose during the day and a gallon may come from the muddy hose. It’s in how you consciously decide to let things around you affect you and how you project things yourself. Remember that. That is the key. That is the lesson.   

Successful Girl

Eventually, the water that comes from the crystal clean hose you are holding will begin to thin out the muddy water. This happens when you actively focus on only positive thoughts or reactions to outside influences. Once you have more clean water going in than you do mud, you will see that the water becomes clear. When you get to the point where the muddy hose only drips a little mud into the bucket (from outside sources beyond your control) but your clean hose is flowing from all of the positive emotions, thoughts and actions you're doing, then the water will become crystal clear and you will be whole.    

When this happens and you clean the water within, you will notice a change in the world around you because of the change to your world within. You will notice that negativity will shy away from you, almost run away from you and avoid you at all costs. You will notice more light and positive energy and people and occurrences begin to be drawn toward you. Just like in nature, animals are drawn more to a clean river than to a muddy stagnant pit for they know that this water is more pure and healthy and beneficial for their survival.    

It's a challenge, but it's achievable.  

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