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3, 6, 9 – Energy, Vibration, Frequency 


Energy – Energy is the building block of all. Energy can be transformed by vibration and frequency.  


Vibration – a Pulse of (energy – magnetic, sonic, light, etc.) moving from one point to another and back again 


Frequency – The speed and force of vibration 


Sine Waves – Frequency of 9 


Pythagoras found that all Sacred Geometry such as Platonic Solids have a frequency and created our music with it – all in the Frequency of 9 

Sonic Geometry – I have put a spreadsheet together showing all of the frequencies in the 9 range for the first 5 Octaves and the highlighted ones are the ones “in-between”. 




Human Voices – using the Human voice coupled with the Sine Wave frequencies of the 3, 6 & 9 scale “keys” to manipulate the energy – become one with it because we are one with Source. Power of WORDS – OM, HU, and countless others – I have found that this holds a key to focused intention of energy.   


Sonics – the ancients used this to move the megalithic blocks by causing a type of anti-gravity and electromagnetic fields. We now have this technology. 


Crystals – direct connection to Mother Earth Gaia, self-generating batteries, conduits to energy of Mother Earth (Living Crystal), direct connection to energy from universe, assists in opening energy centers within our bodies due to us being crystals as well. Placed in the right design, generates vortexes of energy. All vibrate at different frequencies. 

Copper - used for thousands of years as eating utensils, jewelry, containers, weapons, copper has been found to have amazing energy conducting properties which can be controlled based on the frequency and vibration sent through the copper.


Chakras – energy centers within our human living crystal body. Once aligned and opened, creates a direct conduit between universal source of energy and Mother Earth - Kundalini. Allows for us to have direct access to Akashic Record (all knowledge within our subconscious and universe). All vibrate and can be activated with different frequencies. 


Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry – the creation of the known universe, cellular structure, sphere (smallest particle – quantum), everything comes from sphere – all mathematics, all sacred geometric shapes, all dimensions of measurement. All vibrate at different frequencies. 


Metatron’s Cube – everything in creation, platonic solids can be derived from this image found within the Flower of Life – all connections of this shape create all hedrons known throughout the universe. If you look at the Metatron’s Cube – one could say that it appears to be a depiction of sine waves – frequencies. 


Platonic Solids – Sphere (Void - Crown), Tetrahedron (Fire - Sacral), Hexahedron (Earth - Solar), Octahedron (Air - Throat), Icosahedron (Water - Root), Dodecahedron  (Spirit/Prana/Chi/Energy) – all of these vibrate at a different frequency – Pythagoras found these frequencies – However – which one did he leave out? DODECAHEDRON – the element of Spirit – 6480 hz.  (The ringing in your ear)


Meditation – we go into a meditative state and “raise our vibration” and see visions, travel to different dimensions, astral travel, past life regression. Different frequencies assist us with different kinds of meditation. 


Emotions – Depending on our “mood” we experience different emotions. Emotions emit and can be caused by different vibrations and frequencies. 


Ultra-terrestrials/Energy beings – exist, have been here since creation, have been visiting us, worshiping us, emulating us, controlling us, molding us, guiding us, giving us challenges, etc. We can see them, hear them, smell them, touch them, feel them depending on our “vibration” of our state of mind. All other worldly beings vibrate at a “different” frequency. The key is to know which ones are here to help and which ones are here to harm.


Dimensions – there are other dimensions that are super-imposed on this dimension. Scientists are theorizing that if we can “change the frequency” of energy, we can in effect see or even go to these other dimensions. 


Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit – all are 3rd dimensional realities, we have all of these within us. All resonate with a different frequency but come together in a chorus that allows life to exist within us. All can be transformed into each other by changing the frequency and vibration. 


Cymatics – anything tuned to 440hz seems to be “out of whack”, when you utilize frequencies that are based on the 3, 6, 9 frequencies you’ll notice a huge difference. 


Vortex Based Mathematics – this is how the Tesla coil was made and it has some very serious applications with energy, vibration and frequency 

The Number 9 – I found that the Digital Root of almost everything important in our world and beyond equaled 9 – wondered what that was – did research and was blown away at the Significance of it – but then I kept asking WHY 9 and the answer came to me “9 is not a number” “Listen for the answer” – that’s when I realized 9 is a frequency.  

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