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Topical Salves


on our first batches of Body, Mind & Spirit Salve 1 formulas.

Be sure to get them right now as it will be a month before we can create new batches.

Wouldn't it be delightful to have something all natural? Something that smells like Mother Earth is wrapping you up in her lush plant blanket and softly singing your aches and pains away?

Shasta's HOPE salve contains NO CBD or Hemp. We have found the perfect combination of plants that you can grow right in your garden, that once put together, in a very holistic, ancient (what has been deemed alternative) method of mixing and salve making, these salves have a very comparable, if not better, effect than most CBD salves on the market today.

Shasta's HOPE plant based salve goes on your skin beautifully, nourishing the top layer as it passes to where your boo-boo is, to comfort your aches like chicken soup does for your soul. Then, the salve made purely from Mother Earths elements and with her love infused into every ounce, eases the tension and calms the muscles, allowing you to think clearly, now that you're out of pain, while at the same time raising your vibration, letting you have a great day or a restful night.


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Please click HERE to see an in-depth list of all ingredients we use in our salves, as well as links to outside resources that all show the amazing healing properties of each of the ingredients we use.

Our mission is HOPE - Healing Other People Everywhere

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